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Floating: The Secret Weapon of Athletes

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From CEOs to athletes to the every day, hardworking men and women across our country, people are turning to new methods for releasing their stress, anxieties and pain- both physically and mentally. And while there are many different ways to replace or address the chaos in your life, some are finding that nothing works as well as floatation therapy. It’s true- floating is rapidly becoming a go-to method for calming the mental and physical tensions in our bodies. And for athletes in particular, nothing seems as beneficial for getting their bodies and minds in peak condition for the big season- or last game to win it all- than a much needed float session.

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Epsom Salt & Your Body

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Did you know that Epsom salt, the go-to remedy known to cure much that ails, is in fact, NOT really salt in the terms of traditional table salt like most of us think? It’s true- this naturally occurring mineral is actually a compound of magnesium and sulfate, as opposed to table salt, which is made up of sodium chloride.

Still, these tiny, crystalized granules of wonder have benefits for your body that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and smooth to the touch! Read on as we breakdown the natural powers of Epsom salt- the very thing that gives our Float Rooms their buoyancy and skin-soothing treatment.

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Floating Towards Employee Health and Happiness

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For every business, one of the most crucial aspects of operations is hiring a successful, hard working and motivated team, to keep your business moving and aligned in the direction you envision. While, that is a complicated process, often times the benefits of having the right people in place, far outweigh the stress of implementing your personnel. However, with workplace stress at an almost record high throughout the United States, the overall employee standards of health and happiness are diminishing- grossly effecting the productivity of the workplace.
So how should you, as an employer, ensure the overall wellbeing of your employees?

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Float Room or Float Pod…that is the question.

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Does the floating equipment make a difference?

In one simple answer, yes!

There are tons of different ways that you can experience sensory deprivation with devices such as float tanks, float pods, or float rooms. Although each device does the same thing, we’ve found that the float room has a few extra benefits. Here’re some of the features that you can expect when floating in a float room.


It was found that less than 50% of people were comfortable with the smaller float tanks or float pods typically offered by floatation spas. At iSofloat, we have eliminated this fear by providing float rooms that are over 50% larger than float pods and capsules. Each of our four float rooms measures 8ft in length, 6ft wide and are high enough that you can easily stand up and walk around.


**Just to compare, a float pod typically measures 85” in length and 55” in width.  The key difference is how close the lid can be to your face when floating.  Our goal at iSofloat is to provide a relaxed, stress-free environment and our mission was to eliminate the feeling of claustrophobia or confinement.


In addition to more space, the large and light side-opening doors and internal grab handles make getting in and out of the room a breeze. Many people in San Antonio have turned to float therapy due to injury.  By allowing ease of entrance into the float room, this creates a sense of independence for floaters who typically would need assistance. To compare to float tanks and float pods which offer top hatch lids, our doors are easy to close and open. Our private, light-sealed rooms also allow you to float with the door open while achieving all the benefits of sensory deprivation.

Float therapy is a new adventure for many San Antonio residents.  While the reason are endlesss for floating, it was our mission to provide the very best floating experience available.  Please contact our therapy center for more information.