Who Are We?

It is Relaxation, Restoration and Recovery like you have never experienced before.

Jim and Sloane Wendell are living their dream and quenching the burning they’ve had in their hearts for years by bringing San Antonio its first float center for flotation therapy or better known as a “float spa”. Their only regret is that they haven’t been able to do it sooner so that they could help change lives sooner.

In 2013, Sloane bulged several discs in her back as a result of lifting really heavy weights. Jim has degenerative discs in his back that has led to numerous years of pain. They have searched the globe for a non-invasive pain management alternative. Both were in immense pain, couldn’t move and feared surgery was inevitable.

Sloane has a passion for all things health and wellness and knew there had to be an answer out there for both. She began researching how to heal herself and get pain relief without drugs and surgery. One of the blogs she followed at the time, Jim Laird, mentioned that he would drive several hours so that he could float in an isolation tank.

Mr. Laird discovered the isolation tank as a pain recovery method after a bad car accident years before that left him with crippling back pain. This spurred Sloane’s curiosity to “Goggle” it to research everything she could about float tanks, and most importantly, where to find one of these gems! She learned so much about them and finally had her first float session in June 2014, in which she strung Jim along with her to experience this “Float Thing”.

Jim and Sloane both had the most amazing individualized experiences ever. The back pain both Jim and Sloane had experienced for years retreated, and to have that relief was inspirational. Sloane had the best night’s rest of her life. The effect lasted for days. It was amazing!! Thus the seed was planted for iSofloat.

Jim and Sloane wanted to share this experience for ultimate relaxation, rest and pain relief with everybody they loved. Since centers were so far and few between they decided they just needed to open one in San Antonio. With the help, patience and love of each other, friends and family their dream has finally become a reality and they are so excited to share their love of floating with San Antonio. Sloane and Jim are Texan through and through, have traveled and lived around the world and San Antonio is home after growing up in the Texas Hill Country (Sloane in Boerne and Jim in Round Rock).